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These are some reviews that we have received.

Love their food, so full of flavour, and such a great idea to help keep people on track!


The food is perfect for our tiny tummys, tastes great. Its looks like a great option for me.. The ladies are truly amazing..


Omg the seafood mornay. To die for! the yoghurt with fruit coulis so creamy. Tastes oh so naughty...


I am about to place my first order and Tiny Tummyz has been wonderful in advice and information with regard to their products.
Thank You


Amazing food and service really helped me get on track, thank you!!


Thanks for giving me your time to explain the process. I look forward to my first delivery.


I’m home from hospital after surgery Monday and love your meals!
So much more variety than if I made a big batch of something and had to eat that all the time.


tasty yes, well priced yes, great service yes. well done.


A huge thankyou to Rachael at Tiny Tummyz for being so supportive and helpful to me. I thought this would be just an order over the internet. But no. Rachael rang me within 5 mins of placing my order and went through absolutely everything i could need to know. I am now getting my dietary food full of my necessary vitamins etc delivered to north Qld. And they are YUMMY. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.


This food is perfect for me, 14 months after bariatric surgery. Because I live alone I don’t have to buy or cook at all now, the food is delicious and just the right size portions.
I’ve just started using the Protein Powder as well which is excellent - it has no taste and blends really well into hot or cold liquids. Very happy customer here �


I haven’t tasted their food but the kindness and support before my order is ready for next week has been greatly appreciated


These meals are delish! I love them. So quick and easy when you don't have time to prepare nutritious food. I have not had surgery. I just love the food and convienience.


Rachelle is very supportive with any dietary requirements, the food is yummy and filling. Definitely an option to consider for those with busy lives and easy to use. The meals are special to give you the best nutrients possible, but don’t forget your multi-vitamin to top up with


I have been looking for something like this since I had my WLS in 2016, OMG the food I have wasted in those 2 years..........well no more wasted food & the choices are awesome, the meals are sooooo tasty, convenient & affordable. Thank you ladies for doing what you do to ensure our Tiny Tummyz are well fed with good wholesome, nutritional food x


oh i love it perfect size great taste.i recommend this eay instructions i needed that..lol ..well done my next ordercoming. .thank you..so glad i found you.


Thank you so much!!!! I just wanted to give a massive shout out to the team at Tiny Tummyz, my husband and I both had the sleeve done on the 22nd of Feb and are feeling amazing!! We honesty believe the nutritious base foods with added protein and collegen has really helped us get the needed nutrients (appx 60+ grams of protein a day). All the freshly made meals are soo delious and we are loving the liquid phase with carrot and pumpkin soup to the coconut frozen yoghurt? (taste like Ferrero white chocolate coconut balls) so many great flavours it's fun to mix it up! When we first ordered the meals before surgery knowing what we know now it was worth every cent!! You ladies are great, Thanks again for been part of our journey and for all your help ladies. massive thumbs up ????


I’m so thankful I got to hear about Tiny Tummyz prior to my weight loss surgery.
I thought it would be a great option, especially since I was a long way from home but I didn’t anticipate the amazing support I received from Rachel. Not only did she answer all my questions about Tiny Tummyz, she also took the time to talk to me about the procedure and what I could expect. Speaking from her own experience, she helped me to approach surgery more confident than ever, that I’d made the right decision.
Tiny Tummyz offers three phases of food that is nutritionally balanced and ideal after surgery. It takes all the guesswork out of what can seem a daunting process and gives you a lot more time to rest and recuperate. Tiny Tummyz also have all you need in vitamin and protein supplements which are crucial after bariatric surgery.
All in all a great service that is very much appreciated ?