Reset Meal Plan


Get back on track with our tried and tested Reset plan. A delicious range of Tiny Tummyz favourites, will aid you in kickstarting your return to a “protein first”, weight loss routine.

All our meals are snap frozen and have a 6 month freezer life.

Reset Meal Planner


A Reset aims to get WLS patients back on track, by mimicking the post op diet we all had to go through. This process assists in breaking the bad habits many of us tend to fall back to by consuming too many carbs and ‘slider foods’ and gets us back to wanting our ‘protein first’. Whilst there is no proven scientific evidence (that we have found) that demonstrates a reset plan ‘shrinks’ a stretched pouch, the vast majority of people who do a reset and stick to it for the allocated number of days, report feeling fuller faster and being satisfied with much smaller portions of food following completing the plan. This feeling of regaining their pouch/sleeve’s constriction motivates people to continue with their healthy ‘protein first’ lifestyle long after the reset is complete.

At Tiny Tummyz we have designed, tried and tested our Reset plan and had fantastic results reported.

Our Reset plan consists of:

Day 1 & 2Phase 1 (Fluids)
Day 3 & 4Phase 2 (Puree)
Day 5, 6 & 7Phase 3 (Soft)

Cost for our Reset plan is the same as our other plans ($163 for a 7 day plan – 5 meals per day). Embarking on a reset can be difficult, the first 2 days (fluid) are particularly difficult as you will not only feel hunger, you will likely go through carb withdrawal as well. Symptoms of carb withdrawal can include but are not limited to, headaches, fatigue and intense sugar cravings. These symptoms can be relieved with drinking plenty of fluids (aim for 2L daily) and if really necessary nibbling on half an apple. By day 3 you will start to feel more satisfied with the food quantities and the urge to consume carbs will be reduced. We have found that by the end of our 7-day program people no longer feel hunger between meals and feel completely satisfied with Tiny Tummyz specially portioned meals.

It is also important during your reset, to get back into the habit of stopping drinking 30 minutes before eating and not drinking for 30 minutes after eating, as we were all advised to do when we had our surgeries. This is to ensure the stomach is empty prior to eating, ensuring you fill up on your protein rich meal rather than fluid and to ensure the food you eat doesn’t get flushed through the stomach too quickly following eating, allowing you to not only absorb important nutrients but also keeping you feeling full for longer and reducing the urge to snack between meals.

It is important to view a reset as a kickstart to getting back on track, rather than a “rapid weight loss, 7-day diet”, if after completing a reset, one goes straight back to eating high carb slider foods, all the hard work done during the reset will be undone. It’s important to aim to return to a healthy, ‘protein first’ diet following a reset. Most people who have completed our reset plan go on to use our Phase 3 meal plan for a few weeks, to continue to benefit from our well balanced, nutritious, protein first plan, (especially if the plan has been used following a period of plateau or weight gain). Others have found our phase 3 meals are a perfect freezer filler for quick and easy solutions for lunches and dinners, either on the go or at work, to avoid the temptation of reaching for fast food or processed frozen meals.