Lap-Bands and Laughter by Jodi Williams


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After years of being overweight and dealing with the emotional sabotage and frustration. I made a life altering decision to have a gastric band.

In my book I take you through the journey and the changes that occurred both physically and emotionally.

It will help you understand some of the challenges that you will face during all the stages of  banding. This book is an open, honest and insightful look at the journey I have taken and how I lost 52 kilos of unwanted and undeserved weight.

If you are considering a gastric band or you have one then you need to read this book. This book will be a great tool to help you overcome some of the obstacles that gastric banding can bring and it will also help you embrace the huge achievements and changes that you will discover on the way!

The book is not only a journey narrative; it’s a self-help guide for overweight or obese people to navigate the banding procedure and make the necessary changes to how they view life and themselves so they can fully enjoy a new, lighter body.

LAP-BANDS and Laughter is a must-have for anyone who’s either considering having a gastric band inserted or adjusting to life with one in place.


About The Author

LIKE MOST OF US, Jodi Williams learnt her life lessons after surviving a number of setbacks. Despite a lack of formal training,she has the best training an author could have:  life, and the experience of living it.  Jodi always does her best to help people feel good about themselves and assist them in recognising their talents and true worth.

Jodi was born in Australia but lived in Papua New Guinea with her mother for a short time and then settled in New Zealand for 20 years. Her background is in corporate IT, Sales and training. She now lives on the Gold Coast, where she’s a make-up artist, a sales and marketing consultant, and a part-time Communications student at Bond University.

Jodi also runs her own business, Beauty in the Boardroom  specializing  in corporate image and professional and international business etiquette.

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