D.I.Y. Reset E-Book


This comprehensive digital download E-book, covers everything from what to expect to all the recipes needed to complete the 7 day program.

The D.I.Y. Reset plan is ideal for those WLSers who have either stalled or started to regain. Learn how to get back on track with our tried and tested D.I.Y. Reset plan

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A Reset aims to get WLS patients back on track, by mimicking the post op diet we all had to go through. This process assists in breaking the bad habits many of us tend to fall back to by consuming too many carbs and ‘slider foods’ and gets us back to wanting our ‘protein first’.

Whilst there is no proven scientific evidence (that we have found) that demonstrates a reset plan ‘shrinks’ a stretched pouch, the vast majority of people who do a reset and stick to it for the allocated number of days, report feeling fuller faster and being satisfied with much smaller portions of food following completing the plan. This feeling of regaining their pouch/sleeve’s constriction motivates people to continue with their healthy ‘protein first’ lifestyle long after the reset is complete.

Our Reset plans consists of:


Day 1 & 2Phase 1 (Fluids)
Day 3 & 4Phase 2 (Puree)
Day 5, 6 & 7Phase 3 (Soft)


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