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Why do you only provide meal plans for post-op phases and a Reset?

Tiny Tummyz was created by a registered nurse and a chef who have both experienced weight loss surgery first hand. From personal experience, and feedback from many weight loss surgery patients, we believe that one of the most difficult things for patients is getting their post-op food right. Not only do you need to worry about getting the consistency of your food right (fluid, puree, soft) to allow your delicate new pouch or sleeve to heal. You are also expected to focus on calculating nutritional values and mentally dealing with the drastically reduced portion sizes you can consume. We also found that boredom is a key factor in motivation, and that having a varied diet reduces boredom and increases motivation. When trying to plan your own post-op diet, even with the best planned shopping lists, the ability to produce a varied diet, focusing on nutritional balance and portion size, results in either having the same meal over and over again, or a large amount of food waste. As such, we decided to launch our post-op meal plans with a “start right” focus in mind, to help guide and support you though your weight loss surgery journey.

Our Reset plan was born out of multiple enquiries from our wonderful customers. We intensively researched all the evidence and recommendations currently available and decided to develop and test our own program. As a reset generally requires you to go back to the start, we found our Tiny Tummyz meal plans were perfectly suited to developing an optimal Reset plan. Our Reset plan has been tested by multiple WLS community members who had either stalled or regained and all reported improved motivation, an increased feeling of fullness and most importantly a kickstart to their weight loss.

What are your portion sizes?

All meals in the Tiny Tummyz post-op meals plan, are approximately half a cup (90g-125g). This size was chosen following recommendations of most surgeons for a post-op meal.

Why 3 phases?

The vast majority of bariatric surgeons recommend a 3 phase approach to healing which comprises of a fluid phase, a puree phase and a soft phase. The length of time a patient will remain on each phase is surgeon dependant, but through research of the bariatric community has lead us to develop our meal plans with this 3 phase approach at its core.

Why not more protein per portion?

Tiny Tummyz meals absolutely focus on portion size, meal consistency and nutrition. Our main goal however is delivering a product that provides all of the above whilst NEVER compromising on flavour. We’ve all tried products that taste chalky or down right terrible due to the supplementation of extra protein. Our products do have protein added, but when the choice between great flavour, or an extra gram of protein per 100g needs to be made, Tiny Tummyz will always choose flavour first.

Why do you not provide vegetarian options?

In order to provide highly nutritious, flavourful meals in such small portions we found it necessary to use animal products in all our meals. A vegetarian menu may be developed in the future, but is not planned at present.

How much do the plans cost?

All of our 1 week plans cost $145 per week.

I live on the Gold Coast, can I pick up my order?

Yes absolutely! Tiny Tummyz offers the option for you to collect your order in person at no charge. If you’d prefer to collect your order from our Gold Coast facility in Carrara, simply click the pick-up option during the checkout process. Once your order is processed, a Tiny Tummyz representative will contact you with collection details.

Can I order Tiny Tummyz meal plans if I don’t live on the Gold Coast?

Yes you can. Please see our Shipping and Delivery policy for all available delivery areas Here.

Should you wish to discuss a possible delivery to an area not listed in our Shipping and Delivery Policy, kindly email us on and a Tiny Tummyz representative will contact you to discuss possible options.