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By June 13, 2019June 15th, 20194 Comments

This can be hard statement to make, but it shouldn’t!

With 67% of Australian adults being overweight or obese, this statement should resonate with the terms “lifesaving”, “treatment” and “cure”! 

With all these improvements, comes a lifelong change, not just in the amount of food that is eaten, but mentally and emotionally. By no means is this a cheat’s way out. Lets face it, if a simple change in diet and exercise worked for everyone, would we really have 67% of Australians being overweight or obese?

Bariatric surgery has the power to put conditions like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, infertility, depression, sleep apnoea, liver disease and PCOS into remission and even reduces the risk of developing many forms of cancer. And best of all, quality of life is vastly improved.

pre sleeve 2012

I was going great guns, I lost 53kg and then at 9 months I was pregnant! 

I can’t talk for everyone, but in my case, I spent 2 years with PT’s and dietitians trying to lower my weight. For me, (like so many others) metabolism, hormones and genetics drastically reduced my chances of success, regardless of how many hours I spent in the gym, or how much I starved myself.

Bariatric surgery doesn’t just stop you over eating, it alters hormone production and metabolism, greatly increasing the chance of long term results.

And so, after struggling to even maintain my weight, I booked in for gastric sleeve surgery in November 2012. I was going great guns, I lost 53kg and then at 9 months I was pregnant! 

I was told at young age that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and that children were not the cards for me. 

Surprise! They were wrong!

In 2014 I welcomed my little man into the world.  

Bariatric surgery isn’t  a magic wand though, its a tool that if not used correctly can and does fail. I my case, watching my beautiful little man start to grow, I stopped using my tool and for want of a better description, I didn’t keep it well maintained and like any other piece if equipment that’s not looked after, it “broke down.

Then slowly my weight starting pilling on again. Depression started seeping in, self-doubt and a sense of failure. So, I was back to square one; diets, hypnotherapy, PTs and dieticians, and once again, I was struggling to even lose 100g a week. 

So, after researching, and discussing  options with specialists; I made the decision to have revision surgery. I think there is even more stigma associated with revision surgery.

Some of the comments I have read have been so hurtful. Being told that we are failures and wasting money. But what these “haters” fail to do is; educate themselves, ask questions and to be kind! 

Everyone’s journey is different, instead of judging, offer support. Weight Loss Surgery saves lives!

Everyone’s journey is different, instead of judging, offer support. Weight Loss Surgery saves lives!

2019 pre revision surgery

Rachael Russell

Co-creator of Tiny Tummyz

GCGIB Innovation Award Winner

International Award Nominee 

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  • Suzie Wilson says:

    You are beautiful no matter what your size.I am proud of you for always wanting to make a change and difference.

  • Happily came across your blog this evening. ? My name is Jeanine Sherman, I live in America and I created #iamabariatricpatient Your blog is exactly the message I envisioned for #iamabariatricpatient. The patient voice is important, collectively our voices are stronger. Tyty for sharing your #iamabariatricpatient pride and I will be requesting to join the FaceBook group.

    • TinyTummyz says:

      Hi Jeanine,

      I am so glad you found us as well! We are always trying to help squash WLS stigma. You should be proud of the movement you have created, we certainly are proud to stand with you.

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