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Health Star Rating

By September 13, 20194 Comments

Are you confused by the Australian Health Star Rating?

If you said yes, you are not alone! Most people I speak to don’t understand it. Lets face it, when we see a confectionary getting rated higher than a Greek yoghurt it makes you stand back and say “huh?”

I have done quite a bit of research to get an understanding of how it works. For this example, I have grabbed 2 Coles Greek yoghurt. In the ingredients, the only difference is that the light option has extra ingredients (milk solids and thickeners), however the light version has significantly lower saturated fats.

Full Fat – 1.5 star
Low Fat – 4 star

The health star calculator takes many things into account. A star rating is gained by taking the following per 100g – Kj, saturated fat, total sugars, fibre, protein, % of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes.

The Health Star Ratings at its simplest form, is a comparison tool for similar processed packaged products. So you would not grab a 1.5 star Greek yoghurt and not buy it because a chocolate bar has 4.5 stars, however, if you had two chocolate bars and one is 4 star and the other has one star, go for the first!

But don’t worry, Tiny Tummyz Frozen Yoghurts are 4-5 stars, so the comparison is easy!

Please leave your comments below, did you have an understanding previously?


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