Meal Plans for Bariatric surgery patients

Tiny Tummyz is a complete post-operative meal plan for Bariatric surgery patients. The Tiny Tummyz brand, by The Russell Pantry Pty Ltd is owned and operated by a Registered Nurse and Professional Chef, who not only understand the unique dietary requirements following bariatric surgery, they have both experienced the process first hand.


Tiny Tummyz understands your journey

At Tiny Tummyz we understand the complexity of the journey you are embarking on when deciding to undergo bariatric surgery. There is so much to contemplate and learn, including how your dietary requirements will change after surgery.


Meal Consistency and Size is key

One of the biggest difficulties you’ll face post operatively, will be meeting the necessary nutritional requirements whilst concurrently eating meals of the correct consistency and size recommended by your surgeon. Consistency is a key factor of your post-operative journey, in order to allow your stomach to heal.


Nutritious, Varied and Tasty Meal Plans

At Tiny Tummyz we have designed a nutritious, varied and most importantly tasty range of meal plans, specifically designed to work with your surgeon’s post-operative dietary recommendations. Our 3-phase approach can be custom planned to your surgeon’s schedule for optimum healing results.


Tiny Tummyz allows you to customise your meal plan to meet your surgeon’s post-operative dietary recommendations.


Fluid phase. A chef inspired range of delicious, nutritious and perfectly portioned broths, soups, smoothies and sorbets.


Puree phase. Nutritious & delicious, our range of protein-rich purees will provide the variety you need to stay focused on your goals.


Soft phase. A delectable range of perfectly portioned, nutritious stews and casseroles designed to indulge your tastebuds whilst meeting your dietary requirements.


Get back on track with our tried and tested Reset plan. A delicious range of Tiny Tummyz favourites, will aid you in kickstarting your return to a “protein first”, weight loss routine.

Our Shop

Tiny Tummyz are proud to offer an ever expanding range of highest quality protein supplements, market leading bariatric vitamin and mineral supplements, bariatric accessories and bariatric resources. View our entire range by clicking the below link and remember to keep checking in, new items added regularly.

“Tiny Tummyz provides the essential post-operative dietary meal requirements that are an embodiment of my own recommendations.”

This ensures patients receive an adequate amount of protein, fluid and food at the start of their post-operative journey. Patients find it challenging to make small quantities of food and in the right texture for those first six weeks post-op. Tiny Tummyz takes all the guess work out so my patients can focus on recovering and healing. It's a small step towards their overall weight loss journey. I'm so grateful we found Laura and Rachael as it makes our recommendations easier to implement."
Suraya Nikwan APD
Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist
Simple and Easy Nutrition/The Bariatric Collective

Tiny Tummyz is a complete post-operative meal plan for Bariatric surgery patients.